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Volvo 740 Monster-Truck

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An enthusiastic mechanic and inventor from the Kaszuby region in Poland tells us about his extraordinary project to convert a 740 Volvo into a monster truck.

It all started when he was a young man working hard, physically in the fields. Every time one of the working machines broke down, he was extremely happy about it. He was happy because it meant a little "time out" for him from working in the field, at least until he got the machine running again. He was so interested in machines and vehicles that he later decided to become a mechanic.

Due to his passion for tinkering, it became clear to the self-proclaimed inventor that he wanted to create something big and, above all, very special.

So he came up with the idea of creating his own monster truck.

For the monster truck, he used the body of a Volvo 740, which he attached to a "truck platform". Sounds relatively simple at first, but he didn't just take a ready-made platform, he screwed it together himself. He used truck parts from MAN, Renault, IVECO, Mercedes, Fiat and Honda, among others, probably even more, but these are the ones he thought of spontaneously on the phone.

The truck has a 6.5 L turbo diesel engine from a bus, a 5-speed gearbox and four-wheel drive.

With its 200 hp, the vehicle with its total weight of 5 t can reach speeds of up to 120 km/h. The fuel consumption is 18 litres per kilometre. The fuel consumption is 18 litres per 100 km. Since the speed limit in Poland is 140 km/h even on motorways, this is quite sufficient according to its builder.

Apart from that, the vehicle is just under 3 metres high and 2.5 metres wide. He was not allowed to build it wider because otherwise there would be no permission to drive it on the road.

In the picture and in the video you can see that there are two bumpers at the front. The purpose of these is to cover the mechanics and the radiator; a single one would not have sufficed.

Admittedly, the construction took a lot of time and you have to be a bit crazy to voluntarily accept such a puzzle as a challenge.

The Polish tinkerer built the truck almost alone and without help, only handing over the work to someone else for some of the welding.

He has had the truck since 2006 and still enjoys tinkering with it or extending it, e.g. he recently gave it two exhaust pipes pointing upwards.

He told us that he uses the Volvo truck when a woman wears her high heels, i.e. not for work, but for special occasions. He drives the Volvo all over Poland from Zakopane to the Masuria, where he goes on weekend trips, attends parties or goes to car meetings.

The people are just great, no matter where he goes, everyone is looking!

Everyone takes photos, chats briefly or asks him how much he costs. To which he always replies, "There is no sale price! You wouldn't sell your wife either, would you?"

He is also frequently stopped by the police, enthusiastically questioned and then photographed; he really enjoys being on the road with the truck.

Normally, however, he drives a Volvo S80, built in 2007. He told us that he loves this sedan so much that it has not yet had to see snow or even salt! Below you will find some videos of the Volvo monster truck that are worth watching.

Have fun watching them!