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Volvo 480 Graffiti


This ist the story of the Volvo 480 Graffiti, initiator Jan Wichert tells how it came about:

In spring 2023, a Volvo 480 meeting with over 20 vehicles took place in Melle and Osnabrück. A stopover on our round trips was the legendary discotheque Hyde Park on Sunday afternoon. I am good friends with the owner of the place. Since the entire facades of the club are decorated with graffiti, I thought it would be an exciting and unusual photo location for the participants and their cars. To create the perfect graffiti background, I hired a graffiti artist, who also does a lot for the club, to spray a facade with the Volvo 480 logo the day before the meeting. We had agreed on the motif in advance.

We were also able to park our 480 on the dance floor.
As the car park at Hyde Park is big enough, we also invited the Saab Club and the Osnabrück Oldtimer Club to Hyde Park.

The facades are available to all sprayers as a legal area, and so the 480 logo has been painted over in the meantime - but the photos and memories remain.

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