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Volvo 240 with Nitro in the coffee tank


For many of us, cars and/or at least coffee are somehow part of the job. But Muhammad Safwan Subry from Alor Setar in Malaysia shows how to combine the two to perfection.

Actually, the 36-year-old family man sells food and drinks from a - rather cool - black food truck. But like many others, the Corona pandemic and the associated regulations gave him a hard time. But in no time at all, he devised a plan to get out of the mess. If the customers couldn't come to him, he would just drive to the people and sell coffee. The only problem was that he still lacked the right vehicle. At the beginning of his search, he could choose between a Mercedes W126 or a Volvo 240. But in the end, Safwan says, the Volvo won his heart. "I just love the design," he tells us.

After about two to three months, he found what he was looking for very close to his hometown. A 1985 Volvo 240GL in top condition was for sale. Of course, the future "rolling coffee shop" owner didn't have to ask twice. Without further ado, he bought the 200 and invested another five to six months in turning the car into the matt black and gold eye-catcher it is now.

To make sure that the whole thing would not be too easy, Safwan decided (according to his own statement) to be the first ever in his state not to sell simple coffee, but Nitro Cold Brew. For those who don't know what that is, don't worry, it was the same for many here. Explained in a nutshell and simplicity, Nitro Cold Brew is cold brewed coffee that has nitrogen added to it and is ideally taken from a tap.

This means that not only did a nitrogen tank have to find room in the Volvo, but also a tap system with a really wonderfully integrated tap on the boot lid. So it is not surprising that the customers of the "Kaffeine" Volvo are enthusiastic about the great conversion. "I wish I could record all the reactions," Safwan says with a laugh.

When asked about upcoming projects, he explains that he gets many franchise requests. That is why he is currently planning to operate 13 more "Kaffeine Foodmachines" in various Malaysian states. Whether this will include another Volvo or Saab, however, remains to be seen.