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Voltage stabiliser 10V for Volvo P1800E/ES


Voltage stabiliser instruments for P1800E/ES available again!

The voltage stabiliser for the P1800E/ES has not been available from the manufacturer for a long time. This has prompted us to include it in our range.

A voltage stabiliser regulates the voltage for the instruments to a fixed value independent of the fluctuations in the on-board power supply, in this case to 10V.

It was a common problem before the introduction of such voltage stabilisers that electrical display instruments were unreliable due to fluctuations between 12V and 14.5V. If the voltage stabiliser is defective, the fuel gauge or temperature display, for example, can give completely false readings, and in some cases nothing is displayed at all.

The stable supply voltage ensures that the instruments display reliably and do not fluctuate.


  • reliable display of the instruments
  • Easy replacement
  • Same design as original


  • Volvo P1800E from chassis no. 30001
  • Volvo P1800ES

Volvo reference numbers 686396, 677450

You can find the voltage stabiliser in our shop under article no. 1081150.

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