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V8 Volvo with a two-stroke home-made boat engine


Attention: Put on your earmuffs!!
Two crazy Swedes have installed an Evinrude 300XP V8 outboard engine in a Volvo Amazon.

It must have been a few more beers until Henrik Söderlund and Morgan Gerdin came up with the crazy idea to install a 400 hp boat engine with 3.6 litre capacity in an old Volvo 120 Amazon. By chance the removed engine was hanging in the garage next to the old Volvo for maintenance and a few drinks later the two had a clear picture of how to bring the two machines together.

After a few adjustments and equipped with some oversized 33×10.5 inch drag slicks the vehicle looks good and sounds even better.

Some spectacular photos of the project can be seen on their Facebook page and in the richly illustrated report at "CarExpert" - please refer to the links. The YouTube videos, which are also linked, give a good impression of how the vehicle performs on the road at full throttle.

Have fun with it!

Photo: © Rudezon Team. With friendly permission.