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Tool Solenoid switch overdrive for Volvo


The overdrive on the Volvo M41, M410 and M46 transmissions is always engaged by a solenoid valve, also called a solenoid in the parts catalog.

On gearboxes with P- and J-type overdrive from around 1969 to 1994, this solenoid valve is screwed on from the rear above the gearbox carrier and is easily accessible. If the solenoid valve is defective, the overdrive can no longer be engaged. It consists of a shift valve which is actuated by an electromagnet mounted on it. There is a 1" hexagon under the solenoid, which can be used to unscrew the solenoid with a suitable wrench. As this point is somewhat difficult to reach with an open-end wrench, Volvo offered the open crow's foot 9995172 for this purpose, but this is too thick for the solenoid valves available today and can even cause damage to the new solenoid if used incorrectly. It is also no longer available.

We couldn't find anything suitable on the tool market, so we had a tool produced for the solenoid that could also replace the original tool.

For easy replacement of the solenoid on M41, M410 and M46, the wrench with 3/8" square drive is now available in our store under the number 1090463.

suitable for

  • all models with M41, M410 and M46


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