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Stud bolt M11 for the starter motor on the Volvo PV and Amazon


The starter stud in the clutch bell of the M4 gearbox on the B16 engines is a part that you cannot buy anywhere as a standard part:

It has two different M11 threads. Now M11 as a standard thread is already an extremely rare thing, as a fine thread it is almost never found as a standard part or vehicle part, there are small exceptions e.g. with two-wheel stub axles or cylinder head bolts.

As a stud bolt with different pitches it is impossible to get.

Last year, during the restoration of a B16B drivetrain, we had to wonder about the fact that the starter fastener has a different thread size than the bell fastener on the engine block. As a result, we decided without further ado to have the stud bolt turned in small series.
After all, not everyone is lucky enough to get it out of the gearbox bell in one piece, and it might even break off.

So that your hump or Amazon may also be on the road with the correct threads, this stud bolt for the starter mounting is now available in our shop under the number 1085245.

Fits the following vehicles:

  • Volvo PV up to 1961, engines B16- and B4B
  • Volvo 121 until 1961, engines B16-

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