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Speedometer sprocket for PV, Duett and Amazon M4/H6


Two speedometer sprockets for PV, Duett and Amazon with M4 or H6 gearbox are available again.

Speedometer sprockets for the younger Volvo with M30, M40 or M41 gearboxes have been available for some time. Unfortunately, this has not been the case for the older M4 or H6 for a long time. Even if they are not often broken, sometimes you need one. Second-hand parts are hard to come by, after all, these gearboxes were no longer built after 1961 and the design of the pinion is quite different from that of the younger ones. The old gearboxes do not have a separately inserted speedometer drive, the pinion sits directly in the speedometer shaft and is screwed in with it. It is also much shorter.

We had the problem when we wanted to re-equip a PV 444 with B16 with the original gearbox, it had once been converted to an M40 in the past.

A rebuilt gearbox was there, but unfortunately no speedometer pinion. Because the search for a second hand part was a bit tedious, we quickly decided to have a small series of them produced. We took a second one with a different number of teeth from a 58 Amazon and also made it available as a sample.

Unlike the original, the replica is made entirely of high-quality reinforced plastic.

The speedometer sprockets are now available in our shop under the following numbers:
17 teeth: 1084977
18 teeth: 1051568

658097, 655715

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