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Short 25 amp rod fuse available as a new part


The short 25 amp rod fuse, also called a fusible link or torpedo fuse, is needed for the Humpback Volvo (PV444, PV544), the Duett (P445, P210) and the Volvo Amazon (120, 130, 220). It is so special that you cannot buy it in normal parts stores.

All fuses of this type available so far through Volvo dealers are from old stock (NOS). Some fans have even stocked up on used parts at parts markets or soldered in non-original replacement fuses.

This fuse is now available from us as a SKANDIX new part with item no. 1018472 and corresponds to the Volvo original number 9438704. The original original number, which can be found in the spare parts catalogues, is 11434. This was replaced in the 1990s by the vehicle manufacturer in 9438704.

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