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Shock absorber spanner set rear axle for Volvo 850, S70, V70(-00), C70 (-05)


The two tools for the upper shock absorber mounting of the standard shock absorbers in the strut mount for Volvo 850 and S70, V70 as well as C70 are available again.

These tools have not been available from the vehicle manufacturer since the end of last year.

As a shock absorber is now subject to a certain amount of wear, it should also be possible to mount it correctly. An impact wrench for the nut is only good for dismantling a defective shock absorber, it is taboo when mounting the new one. The upper seal of the damper piston can be destroyed, as can the seals inside the damper.

So we didn't think long about remanufacturing, after all, thanks to good workmanship, there are still plenty of Volvo 850s, S70s, V70s and C70s on the road in normal everyday use.

In the process, we modified the outer SW15 spanner to our liking for more efficient use:
Instead of the welded-on square socket, which requires constant repositioning, our spanner has a hexagon SW24 at the top, so it can be conveniently operated with a ratchet ring spanner SW24 without coming off.

The tools are made of high-quality tool steel and are only available as a set. It fits all 850, S70, V70(-00) and C70 (-05) with normal shock absorbers on the rear axle and the original collar nut SW15 on the shock piston.

With accessory shock absorbers the spanner size should be checked, some manufacturers supply these with nuts SW17. In such a case, the original flange nuts should be ordered additionally.

Suitable for the following vehicles:

  • Volvo 850 all models
  • Volvo S70 all models
  • Volvo V70 I all models without all-wheel drive
  • Volvo V70XC all models without all-wheel drive
  • Volvo C70 (-2005) all models

The shock absorber tool is now available in our shop under the number 1085249.

References: 9995499, 9995498

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