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Seals for rear light on Volvo V70 (P26) and XC70


As a car gets older, it happens from time to time that water leaks in somewhere. From a purely fluidic point of view, in many vehicles the rear light seal is subjected to quite a high load. Most rear lights are located outside the trunk seal in the drainage area under the tailgate, where they are literally washed around in heavy rain. If there is even the slightest problem there, water will penetrate under the seal in such a situation. Once the water is there, it always finds its way back in.

In fact, this is almost a classic in the history of self-supporting car bodies. It's almost sad that it still happens again and again today. We know of dozens of vehicle models from the last fifty years that have suffered from this problem with above-average frequency.

The P26 or V70 ll is not the first Volvo in which this problem can occur, but the original seals from the vehicle manufacturer have unfortunately been sold out for this model for some time. As nobody really likes water in their luggage compartment, we had the seals reproduced promptly.

Incidentally, the best seal is only as good as its installation: make sure that the sealing surfaces are clean, dry, smooth and rust-free. Dirt or rust under the seal would quickly give the water free rein.

The seals are now available in our store under the numbers 1091105 (lower) and 1026725 (upper).

Suitable for the following vehicles:

  • Volvo V70 P26, XC70 (2001-2007): Model from 2005

Reference numbers:
30674782, 30674784

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