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Seal Headlight lens - Volvo 200 from 1981 onwards


The seal for the headlight glass of the Volvo 200 is again available individually.

The headlights of the Volvo 200 series have one big advantage: they can be repaired. The main headlights can be disassembled quite easily and individual parts such as the reflector or the adjusting screws can be replaced.

Unfortunately, individual gaskets for the headlamps have not been available for a long time, only complete headlamps or lenses with gaskets. If you only want to clean the reflector, there are always parts left over.

The gaskets are almost always due for repair. Because they are old, brittle and fragile. After dismantling the glass, they usually no longer seal and water runs into the headlamp, it fogs up from the inside or even gets dirty.

That's why we have the seals remanufactured in original equipment quality. The dimensions correspond exactly to the original part.
So you can enjoy good light for a long time again!


  • corresponds to the original headlight gaskets
  • Cost-effective repair of the headlamps
  • Makes sustainable repairs possible because old parts can be reused


  • Volvo 240 from 1981
  • Volvo 260 from 1981

Corresponds to Volvo reference number 1307439.

You can find the headlight gasket under item no. 1042331 in the shop.

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