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To infinity... of Sci-Fi, Volvos and Transformers.

What does science fiction have to do with Volvo? The answer is simple: nothing.
But Fabio Araujo skilfully combines these two different things into a handsome mixture.

The Brazilian designer currently lives in the United Arab Emirates. His passion has always been art, in a slightly different way. Fabio works in a full-time job, in his spare time he creates elaborately edited images with Photoshop with very different car models and designs around the theme of science fiction.

Also included is a Volvo P1800. The idea for this motif came to him by chance: "The Volvo P1800 inspired me a lot. I've never driven one before, but it simply looks sporty and elegant," says Fabio. Vintage cars are perfect for editing on pictures, he says. Fabio likes to mix old and new. What is important to him is the perspective of the car, he is not fixated on a particular model.

The Volvo P1800 took just one day to edit. Depending on the complexity and theme of the motif, the whole thing can take up to a week. A file can consist of over 200 Photoshop layers.

Fabio has great fun editing his pictures. Also in the future and still beyond our horizon we will be able to admire his works.

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