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Review: 15th Volvo Meeting of the Volvo Stammtisch Schleswig Holstein in Eekholt


The 15th Volvo meeting of the Volvo Stammtisch Schleswig-Holstein exceeded all expectations! After more than 160 cars in 2021, this year we welcomed 172 cars to the car park of the Eekholt Wildlife Park. Among them were eight Saabs, which are always welcome here. Swedes stick together! The meeting has become a fixed date in the calendar of many Volvo enthusiasts in Northern Germany and beyond. Almost all models were represented. But mainly the "historic" 444/544, Duetts, Amazons of all types and numbers.
Also 144, 244/45, 164, P 1800/ES, 480, 740 were very well represented! Not to be left unmentioned was a faithful replica of a Swedish police car. Of course, driver and co-driver appeared stylishly in original police uniforms.

A special highlight was the small special show celebrating the 60th birthday of the Volvo Amazon Kombi Herrgårdsvagn. Six well-maintained P220s were presented and attracted a lot of interest. Thanks to the main sponsor Zeltverleih Sievers from Schmalfeld, a spacious tent - with a complete interior - was erected. This provided a perfect opportunity for catering and sufficient space for interesting technical discussions.
The company SKANDIX presented itself as another sponsor. The blue SKANDIX Beach Flags unerringly showed the visitors the way. The give-aways provided were handed over to the participants by a charming welcoming committee as they entered the grounds.
The Volvo-Stammtisch Schleswig-Holstein would like to thank the sponsors for their great support and the Wildpark Eekholt for giving us the opportunity to hold our event in this setting. Many thanks!

The catering offer in the new ambience was actively used right from the start and offered a rich selection of grilled sausages, fresh coffee, home-baked cakes and various soft drinks. Great praise is due to the barbecue team and the hard-working helpers at the counter! Supplies were ensured and the service was right from the first minute.

Volvo drivers could of course expect an especially obliging service. Parts sales from the boots were also buzzing. Many a long-sought part found a new, happy owner. Unfortunately, our friends from the Kolding Volvo Club could not attend this year, as their own meeting took place the day before. Next year we will surely visit each other's events again.

Many hard-working helpers, also behind the scenes, took care of the good organisation, the set-up, the briefing and thus contributed to a great extent to the success of this event. As a reward for this, the many positive comments from the visitors were gladly received. "We'll be back next year!" was often heard. The Volvo-Stammtisch expresses its thanks and is very pleased that this event is so extraordinarily positively received by all guests and that it has thus probably grown to become one of the largest private Volvo meetings in Germany.


15th Volvo meeting of the Volvo Stammtisch Schleswig-Holstein



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