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Retrofit kit fuel filter for Volvo PV, Amazon and P1800


A retrofit kit fuel filter for Volvo PV, Amazon and early P1800 is available.

Many old carburettor vehicles do not have a very fine fuel filter ex works, at best a finer strainer, sometimes simply nothing at all.

But now and then dirt gets into the fuel. In older vehicles with steel tanks, the inside of the tank will eventually rust because either there was no coating at all or it has dissolved over time. Rust particles come loose and float around in the fuel.

This is not particularly good for the carburettor because smaller particles are deposited in the channels, nozzles and valves and clog them. The abrasive effect of the particles also affects the nozzle pins and needles, and at some point sufficient function is no longer guaranteed. The car drives worse and worse, and in the worst case scenario, the car breaks down.

From my own experience, this always happens at night on a lonely country road and guaranteed without a mobile phone network or houses nearby.

We were recently confronted with such a case, the long unridden 58 Amazon already had a new tank and a new fuel pipe, but there was still some dirt in the carburettor. Of course, it responded to this with some displeasure, it coughed around and temporarily the idle disappeared into nirvana.

After successfully cleaning the carburettor and pump twice, we thought about where we should place a fuel filter. In its original state, there is a rigid pipe from the pump to the carburettor, which is not interrupted anywhere. We didn't want to saw through it, it would no longer be original and in the worst case we would also have chips in the carburettor.

The solution was as simple as it was pragmatic

We replaced the original steel braided line from the pipe to the fuel pump with a hose with the same connections and integrated a commercially available fine filter into it. This can be replaced inexpensively at any time and the whole thing can even be retrofitted without leaving a trace.

To ensure that your car does not break down, the fuel filter retrofit kit is now available in our shop under the number 1088729.


  • simple assembly
  • protects carburettor and fuel pump
  • Filter can be replaced at low cost

fits the following vehicles:

  • Volvo 120, 130, 220: model until 1965
  • Volvo P1800: model up to 1964, chassis no. up to 12499
  • Volvo PV444, 544, P445, P210: Model until 1963, ChassisNo until 385023