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Repair kit for plug glow plug parking heater


A new repair kit for the glow plug connector on the wiring harness of the parking heater or the auxiliary heater enables a cost-effective and sustainable repair.

In most cases, only the glow plug connector is damaged by the high current flow, high temperatures and environmental influences. In such a repair case, the vehicle manufacturer only supplies complete wiring harnesses at high cost.
A simple replacement of the glow plug can thus quickly become an expensive affair.

Especially with diesel engines, however, the heating system is dependent on the auxiliary heater in winter, otherwise the operating temperature is often not reached at sub-zero temperatures when driving comfortably. Leaving the auxiliary heater without replacement is therefore not a particularly cosy option, the heating performance drops significantly and consumption increases because the operating conditions are not optimal.

Reason enough for us to create a solid repair solution. This consists of the plug for the glow plug with some wire attached, a solder connector and shrink tubing. This makes it possible to reliably repair the wiring harness of the parking heater for a small fraction of the price.

The repair kit plug glow plug parking heater is now available in the shop under the number 1076735.

Fits the following vehicles:

  • Volvo S60 (-09)
  • Volvo S80 (-06)
  • Volvo V70 (P26)
  • Volvo V70XC (XC70)
  • Volvo XC90 (-14)

3731393 Wire harness, Independent car heating

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