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Relief tool upper wishbone for Saab 90, 99, 900 -93


The relief tool for the upper wishbones of the classic Saab is finally available again.
It has not been available from the vehicle manufacturer for a long time.

This tool is clamped between the side member and the wishbone so that the spring does not have to be tensioned and removed unnecessarily for every repair. This presses on the upper wishbone and must actually be dismantled each time the steering knuckle is unscrewed. With the tool, the upper control arm is securely locked and the spring cannot do any damage.

The relief tool therefore means a considerable time saving when changing a suspension joint or axle boot. It is also helpful for other work on the front axle and drive shafts or even the complete removal of the engine and transmission, saving time and labour.

In the original version, the grip tab pointed upwards, this only fitted on Saab 90 and 99, on the 900 the wishbone is in the way. The new version of the relief tool is the more modern version 8393209-1, which also fits the Saab 900 up to 1993 without any problems.

The relief tool is now available in the shop under the number 1081959.


  • Safe to work with
  • Saving time
  • precise reproduction of the original tool


  • Saab 99
  • Saab 90
  • Saab 900 (-93)

Reference no:
8393209-1 (replaces 8393209)

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