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Refresh Volvo S60I, S80I, V70II, V70XC (XC70)


If you are looking for a reliable and safe used car for everyday use and are a fan of Sweden, you will sooner or later come across the Volvo S60I, V70II or V70XC (XC70). Whether the Volvo S80I, as a link between the classic and the modern Volvos, already belongs to the youngtimers has already been discussed in the Volvo scene.

Whether it is an everyday vehicle or an enthusiast's car, driving brings wear and tear and minor defects. Damage to the fuel filler flap, a broken fairing there - many of these details can be brought back to shape with little effort and new parts that are still available. Enclosed we have prepared some suggestions on how you can give your darling a new shine.


A common problem with these vehicles is broken belt covers / belt feed-throughs, for example on the B-pillar. These plastic parts can be easily replaced because they have a slot for the belt (belt cover).

If the buckle no longer stays at handle height and always falls down: A replacement belt stopper with 16 mm diameter (1015596) or with 8 mm diameter (1018778, 1034492) is simply plugged in and makes buckling up comfortable again.

The front seat side trims are broken on many vehicles, they can be inexpensively replaced with new original parts (Side panel, Seat).

Also often needed are new door pin grommets: grommet, locking button door grey, grommet, locking button door oak / arena.

In the case of a defect in the door opener in the door trim, it was previously the case that the complete door trim had to be ordered from the vehicle manufacturer. From now on, the door opener with its base plate is available from us individually as a repair kit. e.g. door opener front left (1084570).

Worn, slippery pedal rubbers are replaced in a few simple steps:

Automatic dimming interior mirror: If the fluid for the automatic dimming function has "run out", you can replace the mirror glass with the repair part (1054514). There is no repair option from the vehicle manufacturer, the replacement of the complete mirror is intended. With our repair part, on the other hand, an inexpensive and quick repair is possible.

Defective in many vehicles: The lighting for the heating/air conditioning control unit:
Vehicles with manual climate setting:

Vehicles with automatic climate control:

Worn knobs from the original radio can be replaced with our Radio Knob Set (1074467). Due to the large scope of delivery of 7 knobs, the set is suitable for all Volvo original radios from the standard to the premium sound system.

Radio conversion: If you want to replace the original radio with a DIN car radio from the accessories, you need a mounting frame and adapter cable.

Installation frame for vehicles from model years up to 2003:

Installation frame for vehicles from model year 2004:

Installation frame for vehicles from model year 2005:

Luggage compartment and tailgate

The luggage net is hidden behind flaps on the rear seat when not in use. The springs (1052116) on the flaps break, careless loading damages the flaps themselves.

Defective in many station wagons due to frequent use - the locking mechanism of the folding rear seat:

The backrest lock will last much longer if the lock in the backrest is cleaned and lubricated with silicone spray from time to time.

The gas springs for the partition grille (1021057) are wearing parts. When they are fatigued, the separator grid hangs down.

Gas springs for the estate car tailgate themselves are available in 2 qualities:

Limousine trunk lid gas springs are also available in 2 qualities:

Useful accessories: boot mats (1006525, 1037717, 1040055).


The most commonly broken part is the fuel filler flap hinge (1013533, 1024907). It is made of plastic and will break over time. The spring (1013625) for the fuel filler flap is also often needed. If the fuel filler flap itself is defective, (1013621) is the suitable replacement. The motor for the central locking system is integrated in the fuel filler flap lock (1012868).

The original windshield trim has an aluminium core that corrodes - "blooms". Bubbles form under the paint and the paint can peel off. For this, we offer a corrosion-free alternative with the trim strips 1079108 and 1079110.

Whether replacement hub caps for original alloy wheels or wheel caps for winter steel wheels, we always have them in stock:

Tired gas springs on the bonnet are not only a nuisance when checking the oil level:

One detail: the screws that secure the trim strips on the lower edges of the doors from the inside are rusty on many vehicles. Screw inside Torx for sheet metal screw thread trim strip (1025866) is the suitable replacement.

For vehicles up to model year 2003, we also offer complete exterior mirrors as an alternative to the individual parts:

For vehicles from 2004 onwards, we have many inexpensive exterior mirror parts on offer as an alternative to the original parts.

Excursus Technology

Repair Counterbearing for handbrake shoes
The counter bearing for the handbrake shoes is part of the wheel carrier. If this aluminium block breaks off the wheel carrier, the individual parts of the handbrake can be destroyed. An expensive repair is the consequence. The repair part (1021835) replaces the aluminium block, the remains of which must be ground away before fitting. If the repair is done in time, damage to the handbrake will be avoided.

The glide bushes of the electric window lifters break, the window lifter lifts crooked and tilts. Sliding jaw, window regulator (1016491) is the suitable replacement.

Bushings, anti-roll bar: Replacing the individual bushings is not provided for by the vehicle manufacturer, as they are permanently attached to the anti-roll bar. With our repair kit for stabiliser bar diameter 25mm (1014772) or repair kit for bar diameter 21-23mm (1057160) the repair, with simultaneous conversion to poly bushings, is nevertheless possible. There are currently no repair kits for the anti-roll bar on the rear axle.

Rear wiper combi
There are two variants of the V70II / XC70 whose spare parts are different:

Early variant (Until 2003), wiper arm points to the left:

With the conversion kit (1058344) you can convert your Volvo V70II or XC70 to the newer wiper motor from 2003. Cost-effective alternative to the wiper motor (1014044), which is only available as an original part. In addition to the wiper motor, a new wiper arm and a new wiper blade are included in the set.

Late variant (from mid-2003), wiper arm points to the right:

You can do most of these repairs yourself without too much effort. You can also find installation instructions for many parts in our shop with illustrated instructions. You can browse through many other useful parts in the accessories section.

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