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Pulley for handbrake cable Volvo 140, 164, P1800 available again


Deflection pulley for handbrake cable Volvo 140, 164 and P1800 available again!

The pulley for the handbrake cable is an important part. It distributes the force from the handbrake lever evenly to the cable to the two brake drums.

Unfortunately, with age it is often no longer in good condition. The fixing screw and the sleeve eventually rust and the pulley jams on the sleeve, the cable then rubs in the pulley. The groove becomes deeper, the mechanical load is higher than planned, and at some point it breaks. The ageing of the plastic makes it even more difficult.
A broken pulley naturally disables the parking brake, which has to work.

The vehicle manufacturer has not been supplying the pulley for some time, so we had this important part remanufactured.

With our pulley, the sleeve for the bearing (1064015) is already included. The pulley itself is designed to be more massive than the original.
It is available now in the shop under the number 1035303.


  • complete handbrake repair possible again
  • reinforced design
  • bearing sleeve included in delivery
  • long-term problem-free function


  • Volvo 142 as of chassis number 52900
  • Volvo 144 as of chassis number 89900
  • Volvo 145 as of chassis number 9200
  • Volvo 164 up to chassis number 132566
  • Volvo P1800 as of chassis number 30001

Reference numbers:

  • Deviating pulley 680907
  • Sleeve 680908

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