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Pedal switch cruise control for Volvo 850, S/V40, S/V70, C70


Cruise control pedal switch for Volvo 850, V70, S70, C70 as well as S40 and V40 available!

If one of the switches is defective, it disables the cruise control system. The pedal switches on the brake and clutch pedals are a safety function that disables the cruise control system when one of these pedals is pressed. These switches have both a closing function and a release valve for the vacuum.

The original part has not been available from the vehicle manufacturer for some time.

In the original version, the pedal switch is engaged on the pedal bracket with retaining lugs, but this is not necessary. Therefore, we have decided to use a spare part from the original equipment manufacturer that is available and can be screwed into place. We offer it together with matching nuts and washers as a complete replacement set. The functions correspond to the original part, as does the durability, of course.

The connector and the hose connection are identical to the original part, nothing needs to be replaced except the switch. Only the switching point has to be adjusted with the help of the fastening nuts. This is an inexpensive way to repair the cruise control system and nothing stands in the way of relaxed cruising on country roads or motorways.

The pedal switch is now available in our shop under item number 1082536.


  • Volvo 850
  • Volvo S70
  • Volvo V70 (-00)
  • Volvo C70 (-05)
  • Volvo S40 (-04)
  • Volvo V40 (-04)

Reference numbers: 9146505, 3528413

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