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Panhard rod for Volvo 700 and 900


New Panhard bars for Volvo 700 and 900 are available again.

Even our robust and everyday Volvo 700 and 900 series are slowly getting on in years. So it can happen that the Panhard rod turns out to be no longer good when trying to press in new bushings. Occasionally they have rusted through at the weld seams or the seat for the bushing turns out to be unusable after pressing it out.

The vehicle manufacturer has not been able to supply the Panhard rod for some time.
Apart from a much more expensive adjustable tuning part for lowered vehicles, there were no alternatives on the market.

So, after only a short consultation, we had the Panhard rod produced. The high number of vehicles still in everyday use and collector's items from the 700 and 900 series made our decision easy.

It is an absolutely essential part for the lateral guidance of the rear axle, and it would be very annoying if a good car had to be taken out of service only because of a rusted-through Panhard rod. If the Panhard rod no longer guides the car, the propshaft will hit the side and in the worst case can destroy the tank.

Our reproduction corresponds in dimensions and workmanship to the original part and is equipped with the original bushings. The surface is black powder-coated. It fits all 740 and 940 as well as the 760, 780 and 960 with rigid axle.

The Panhard bar is now available in our shop under the number 1031703.

Fits for

  • Volvo 740
  • Volvo 940
  • Volvo 760 with rigid axle
  • Volvo 780 with rigid axle
  • Volvo 960 with rigid axle

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