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No April Fool's joke


Is this really a reality or did we get the date wrong? This ugly car really exists!

The Youabian Puma is the ultimate challenge for any design critic.

With its extraordinary design, which can best be described as "bold", the Youabian Puma is at the center of controversy over aberrations of taste. But don't be fooled, because beneath that extravagantly sculpted exterior lies an amazing story.

The vehicle, designed by US plastic surgeon Dr. Youabian, is largely based on a Volvo C70. Despite the seven-liter Corvette engine and 505 to 650 hp, it is not particularly sporty - the Youabian Puma is far too bulky for that with its dimensions and weight, 44-inch wheels and the aerodynamics of a monster truck.

The vehicle was presented at the Los Angeles Auto Show 10 years ago and built in small series. The price of 580,000 to 780,000 euros at the time was also more than extravagant. So it's no wonder that the manufacturer's website has since disappeared into the eternal hunting grounds of the internet.

However, the reports about the vehicle itself are still circulating online years later and never cease to amaze. Not only on April 1st...