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New radiator shutter for Volvo PV and Amazon


New radiator shutter for Volvo Amazon is available again.

The development of cooling systems and heating in automobiles lasts as long as the further development of the car itself, even old ideas are always brought out again with pleasure. This is also the case with the radiator shutter, which is now being used again in many cars as an aerodynamic aid and to reach the optimum engine temperature more quickly.

Not necessarily for the same reasons as in the past, but even then there were economic reasons:

Until the 1980s, the coolant was usually very slow to warm up on cold winter days. The more defensive driving style on slippery roads led to less waste heat. The engine was of course cooled more than enough by the cold air. The rigid radiator fan, forcibly driven by the V-belt, supported this even more superfluously at this time of year.
So it could happen that even after twenty kilometres the heater delivered only a lukewarm breeze. Such operating conditions also increased fuel consumption and wear.

Thus, as early as the 1930s, the first solutions were developed to protect the engine compartment and radiator from increased cooling in winter. There were thermostatic and manual blinds, manual roller blinds or very simple mats to stretch or button on, such as the Wilka radiator protection.

The roller blind, operated by a chain from the interior, was an original Volvo accessory early on and was widely used in Scandinavia, Austria or Switzerland. Vehicles imported from Sweden almost always have such a roller blind or venetian blind, and those from other vehicle manufacturers were also often fitted with them.

Unfortunately, most of them have not survived the last decades in the very best condition and remnants of them often hang around in shreds in front of the radiator. Sometimes there is nothing left at all, but the mounting holes in the front skirt bear witness to the former accessories.

So we took the initiative and had this useful accessory remanufactured. Our remanufactured radiator blind corresponds to the original Volvo accessory and comes complete with holder, chain and ring.

The radiator blind is available now from our shop under the number 1084820.

Fits the following vehicles:

  • Volvo 120, 130, 220
  • Volvo PV444, 544, P445, P210

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