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New: 6V three-phase alternator for Amazon and PV


It is always best when a classic car consists only of original parts. Unfortunately, this is not always possible in practice - because it is a classic car. Original parts are often no longer available new, the used parts market is empty, old parts cannot be repaired or overhauled.

The latter is now also increasingly the case with the 6V DC alternators from PV and Amazon with B16 motors. The generators have often already been repaired several times and are usually over sixty years old; at some point, there comes a point where the repair almost becomes a rebuild with new windings, for example. This is no longer economically viable, and such an alternator would then have to cost four figures.

As we can hardly get any old parts back that can be repaired, some time ago we started looking for an economical alternative that would also bring improvements.

The specifications included an integrated electronic controller and more charging power.

It wasn't easy, as a 6V on-board power supply has hardly been in use for around 50 years, but we were able to find a suitable alternator.

We have developed and produced a suitable bracket set for the modern alternator, and all the necessary screws, cable lugs and a V-belt are also included in the conversion kit. Installation is therefore feasible for everyone without any obstacles.

Even in the somewhat cramped conditions in the B16B with the two SU H4 carburetors, the generator can still be fitted without any problems - we have tested it.

The electronic regulator makes it possible to dispense with the external electromechanical alternator regulator, which is rarely found in good quality these days. The old regulator must then also be omitted as it would damage the new alternator.

The 6V three-phase alternator conversion kit is now available in our store under the number 1091893.

Suitable for the following vehicles:

  • Volvo 120, 130: model up to 1961, engine B16-
  • Volvo PV444, 544, P445, P210: model 1957 to 1961, engine B16-


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