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New 12 Volt blower motor for Volvo Amazon and P1800


New blower motors for Volvo Amazon and P1800 are finally available again.

A functioning blower motor is an important safety aspect: in damp weather or cooler temperatures, the air exchange ensures clear visibility. It also warms up more quickly in the car, and the heated air is transported into the passenger compartment at an accelerated rate. For this reason, a defective blower motor is also a significant defect in the general inspection.

For a long time, the blower motor was only available as an overhauled replacement part when the carbons or bearings gave up the ghost. This is certainly a sustainable solution, but on the one hand it involves a lot of effort and on the other hand there are fewer and fewer overhaulable parts on the market.

That is why we have now had the blower motor remanufactured according to the original sample. Accuracy of fit and performance correspond to the original part.

The blower motor is now available in our shop under the item number 1082348. Without the payment of deposits and annoying return of old parts.

For mounting in the P1800, the valve cover must be dismantled due to lack of space. The valve cover gasket should also be replaced during this work.

When used in the Volvo Amazon up to 1965, the line kit (item no. 1083803) must also be used.

Fits the following vehicles:

  • Volvo Amazon (1962-1965) with cable set
  • Volvo Amazon (1966 onwards)
  • Volvo P1800 / P1800ES (all models)

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