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Mudguard for rear tank available again


An important spare part for your Volvo 850, C70 (-05), S70, V70 (-00) is available again from SKANDIX.

The mudguard at the rear of the tank is no longer available as an original Volvo part, nor does anyone offer it in the accessories trade. The original part under the car is often rusted beyond repair after twenty years.

Since this is a very important part, which protects the rear of the tank against stone chips, exhaust heat and collision damage, we had it copied from an original sample. This way, your Volvo can be restored to its original condition at this point as well.

To fit it, the tank retaining straps at the rear have to be loosened. To do this, the tank must of course be supported over its entire surface and should then also be as empty as possible.
In order to avoid further corrosion by rubbing the tank retaining straps, it is advisable to place a rubber pad between the sheet metal and the retaining straps as protection against rubbing.

Retaining straps and protective plate must be waxed or painted before assembly.


  • original look
  • reliable protection of the tank

suitable for:

  • Volvo 850
  • Volvo C70 (-05)
  • Volvo S70 (-00)
  • Volvo V70 (-00)

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