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Light switch for Volvo PV444 until 1957


A new bowden cable operated light switch for the PV444 up to 1957 is available.

The light switch on the PV up to 1957 is screwed to the bulkhead from the engine compartment and is operated from the dashboard via a Bowden cable. From today's point of view, this is a somewhat bizarre construction, but it had the advantage of saving some vehicle wiring. Connecting the cables is also a little easier on the back than under the dashboard.

A disadvantage today is that such switch designs have long been extinct and there is nothing to buy that could be plug'n'play adapted at this point.

Because the used parts market for the PV444 has been quite empty for a long time and requests came in every now and then, we thought about it. Many small parts had to be specially made in order to be able to connect the original Bowden cable, even nuts and screws are sometimes not standard parts.

Our claim has now been realised: a switch that replaces the original 1:1 and is extremely authentic. It could also have been produced in the fifties and therefore fits perfectly into the car.

We have tested it, of course, it works perfectly and the Bowden cable can be connected without any problems. You can find detailed installation instructions below.

To ensure that the driving lights on your Volvo PV444 can be switched reliably for a long time, the switch is now available in our shop under the number 1088490.

Fits the following vehicles:

  • Volvo PV444: Model until 1957


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