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Lifting eye Saab 95, 96


Saab 95, 96 and Sonnet V4 lifting lugs for engine crane available!

At SKANDIX, we also do our own repair jobs. In the process, we often notice that something is missing. Like recently, when the V4 from the Saab 96 had to be removed for a clutch change.

All in all, no big deal, but when we drove the engine crane in front of the little car, the search began: Where do we hang the engine?
There are simply no eyelets or mounting plates in the original condition!

A quick search revealed that Saab once had a harness that was screwed on directly above the outlets. Of course, this is no longer available anywhere...

We wouldn't be real screwdrivers if angle grinders and welders hadn't helped us find a suitable solution quickly. But here we needed a practical and easy-to-use solution that would save our customers exactly that.

We have now found this with article no. 1083189. The screw-in eye fits exactly into the original threaded holes above the outlets of both cylinder heads. They can be used with all commercially available engine positioners and snap hooks.

Lifting eye Lifting eye

Because of the balanced position, an engine positioner (also: balancer) is not even necessary: the engine hangs balanced horizontally on a plain chain on the crane without having to mediate it.

We have tried it out!

The lifting eyes for the V4 are now available in our shop under article no. 1083189.


  • Saab 95 V4
  • Saab 96 V4
  • Saab Sonnet V4

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