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Lever gearbox freewheel Saab 93, 95, 96 and Sonett


Available again: The operating lever for the freewheel on the gearbox for Saab 93, 95, 96, Sonett ll and Sonett lll.

The lever for the freewheel on the gearbox is made of plastic for the late models of the Saab 95, 96 and Sonett. Due to age, this part is often brittle and breaks at the slightest opportunity. Sometimes this happens when the freewheel is engaged, often during repairs, for example when a new clutch has to be fitted.

Saab has not had this lever in its range for a long time.

We have taken this as an opportunity to include a reproduction in a steel version in our range. Just like it was used in the Saab 93 or early Saab 96 models.

The freewheel is absolutely necessary on early cars with the two-stroke engines, because a lubricant undersupply occurs in sliding operation at higher revs. Since less fuel is supplied when the throttle is released, correspondingly less mixed oil is carried along. If the engine were to continue to rotate at higher revs while hanging on the gearbox here, piston sticking or even seizure could occur.


  • Now available again
  • Solid design made of steel
  • Corrosion resistant due to galvanic zinc coating


  • Saab 93 from gearbox no. 43000
  • Saab 95
  • Saab 96
  • Saab Sonett ll
  • Saab Sonett lll

The new part can be found in our shop under item no. 1081261.

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