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Knob switch dashboard for classic Volvos


The buttons for the dashboard switches for Volvo P1800, Humpback, Amazon and Volvo 140 are available.

There are always things in life with a classic car that you think don't exist, or at least not individually.

Often this has been burnt into our heads by dealing with car spare parts over the last forty years, there is no such thing as buttons for switches. If at all, then only the whole switch. No one sells me just the knob for it.

But it used to be quite different: in the 50s to 70s, many vehicle manufacturers had very small individual parts as well as overhaul and repair kits. The prices for spare parts were usually much higher and repairs and overhauls were carried out to keep costs down.
Only what was really unsalvageable was thrown away.

This is also the case with the buttons for the switches in the dashboard of the Volvo classics. They were actually available individually, because the switches themselves often last forever, but the buttons eventually become as unsightly as in the cover picture or simply crumble due to age and sunlight.

We had them remanufactured. Because we are of the opinion that a good switch should no longer be thrown away just because the knob is missing or looks unsightly.

We even supply the plugged-in switch for the P1800 up to 1968 in two versions, as an inexpensive cast part with a somewhat grippier surface or as a CNC-turned premium version, which visually corresponds to the very smooth original.
The screwed knobs are only available as a CNC-turned variant and fit all Volvo PV, Amazon and 140 as well as P1800 from 1968 onwards.

Sustainability is thus certainly not an invention of the last decades, sometimes rather the opposite seems to be the case.

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  • Light switch
  • Fan switch
  • Wiper switch

fits following vehicles:

  • Volvo PV
  • Volvo Amazon
  • Volvo 140
  • Volvo P1800

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  • Artikel Nr. 1022879 - Volvo P1800