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Interior mirror for Volvo 700, 900, S90 V90 (-1998)


The original interior mirror for the Volvo 700, 900, S90 and V90 series is available.

Due to its age and thermal influences, the interior mirror on these vehicles increasingly has the problem that the film behind the glass becomes detached at the lower edge of the mirror and adhesive residues collect. This leads to a clearly visible, unattractive brownish edge on the lower edge of the mirror glass, which becomes wider and wider over time.

The original interior mirror is still available from us, so you don't have to live with a limited rear-view mirror field or an unattractive view. Last but not least, the mirror is extremely easy to replace, it is only screwed on. The caps of the mirror base are also available as original parts in most colours.

The interior mirror is available in our shop under the number 1043511.


  • Volvo 740, 760: all models
  • Volvo 940, 960: all models
  • Volvo S90, V90 (-98): all models

Reference number: 1369540

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