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Intake path extension for SU HS6 and HIF6 carburettors


An intake path extension for SU HS6 and SU HIF6 carburettors is available at SKANDIX with part number 1075837.

The distance blocks extend the intake path by 40 mm and fit both SU HS-6 and SU HIF-6 dual carburettor systems. They have two effects on the engine:

  • The motor torque is increased.
  • The carburettors are thermally better decoupled from the cylinder head.

Manufactured from modern plastic, the spacers are resistant to temperature and petrol. Extended stainless steel studs including nuts and washers are included.

The length of the original throttle linkage is sufficient, it only needs to be readjusted. The return springs of the carburettors may have to be lengthened a little.

At Volvo suitable for all classic cars with B18B, B18D, B20B or B20D engine:

  • Volvo PV444, PV544 "Humpback", P445, P210 "Duett"
  • Volvo 120, 130, 220 "Amazon"
  • Volvo 140
  • Volvo P1800

Additional information...

  • SKANDIX Nr. 1075837