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Idle lever carburettor SU HS 6


The idle stop levers for the SU HS6 twin carburettors are available again.

They were used by Volvo in this version on PV, P1800, Amazon and 140 on the B18B and D as well as B20B engines. The throttle stop and the quick idle adjustment screw are located on this lever, and the return spring is also partially hooked in here. It is therefore absolutely necessary for the function.

For some time now, this lever has no longer been included in the scope of delivery of new carburettors, possibly because there were different versions depending on the vehicle. The stop lever is no longer available individually from the manufacturer and will not be replaced.

When converting A-engines to dual carburettors, it was necessary to search for used parts, because normally there is no old carburettor available.

After several customer enquiries and our own experience, we decided relatively quickly to have this important small part remanufactured.

In the course of an engine overhaul, it is possible to get more power out of a B18A or B20A. A conversion to the B and D versions is relatively easy to do, but more power and displacement are also possible. The necessary parts are available and it would be a pity if this had to fail because of such a small lever.

The idle levers are available now from our shop under the numbers 1056747 and 1056746.


  • Volvo 120, 130, 220: Motor B18B and D, B20B
  • Volvo 140: Motor B18B, B20B
  • Volvo P1800: Motor B18B, B20B
  • Volvo PV544 and P210: Motor B18D

Reference numbers:
237110, 237111

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  • Artikel Nr. 1056746