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Hose tank filler neck Saab 99 available again


The tank filler neck is usually connected to the tank via a short hose and two clamps, as is the case with the Saab 99. Often this short piece of hose becomes brittle and hard with age and can no longer be removed in one piece. Environmental influences and dwindling plasticisers simply make it look old after forty or more years.

Usually this is not a big problem, because it is often a matter of short, straight pieces of hose that can be purchased by the metre.

But with the '75 Saab 99, for example, it is a problem because the hose is very angled. Here, a moulded hose must be used that corresponds to the original so that it can be sealed properly.

A desperate customer request last year led us to have this filling hose, which has not been available for a long time, manufactured in small quantities.

So that this vintage of the Saab 99 may also be on our roads for a long time to come!

Suitable for: Saab 99 model 1975
Reference: 8323081
Article number: 1080236

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