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Historic Ice Trophy 2020 at Altenmarkt/Zauchensee


The Historic Ice Trophy will take place again from 20.01. - 26.01.2020 in Altenmarkt/Zauchensee, Austria. Around 80 participants with vehicles in the categories classic cars built up to 1984 and youngtimers built up to 1994 will be at the start.

The Classic HIT and Youngtimer Cup will be held on an icy circuit (without salt and gritting) as a regularity competition with training, qualification, pre-final, final and super-final runs. Over 6 days numerous competitions in the different vehicle categories take place.

Peter Trippacher and his team have already participated in the Historic Ice Trophy several times, who kindly provided us with a short report from previous years.

His team consists of:
Peter Trippacher
Hannes Fischer
Bernd Heller
Dominik Schmidt (son of Peter)

In 2017, Peter Trippacher's team changed from Porsche to Saab 96 for this event, with which they drove both the 4 and 6-hour races in 2017 and 2018.

1st place 6 hours
2nd place 4 hours

3rd place 6 hours
1st place 4 hours

In 2019 the team changed to a Saab 99 CC modelyear 1974 with 8V turbo engine. Since 2019 there are two 6 hour races (until modelyear 1985 and since 1986)
In the 6 hour race they took 2nd place.
In the 4 hour race they unfortunately retired after 1.5 hours with a 1.5 minute lead in 1st place with a technical defect (primary drive).

For 2020 Peter Trippacher has built a Saab 99 Sedan with 16V Turbo and Trionic5 control. With this the team will start in the 4 hour race and in the 6 hour race for modelyears until 1985. 7mm spike class he has still driven with his Porsche 944, 2020 he will start in this class with the Saab 99.

For the 6 hour race for modelyears from 1986 the team has made a Volvo 740 ready to start. This comes from 1st hand and has never been driven in winter before.

Already on 05.01.2020 the team starts with a Mercedes 190 at the 4 hours ice marathon at the Lungauring.

For these events there are strict tire regulations. For the long distance races, only commercially available road studs with a 2mm projection that are approved for traffic in Austria may be used.

Spectators are very welcome to attend the Historic Ice Trophy in Altenmarkt/Zauchensee and the Ice Marathon at Lungauring/St. Michael and can experience the feeling of racing on ice up close.

Perhaps you'd like to join us at short notice - Peter Trippacher and his team would be delighted to have a motivated audience on site!


Historic Ice Trophy

Schlatterbergweg 5
A-5541 Altenmarkt-Zauchensee (Austria)

20.01. - 26.01.2020