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Hexagon socket wrench for clutch housing for volvo classic cars


This hexagon socket wrench makes it much easier to remove and install the gearbox on Volvo vehicles with M4, M30, M40 and M41 gearboxes.

Dismantling the gearbox from the clutch bell is necessary to change the clutch on so many Volvo old-timers. This is a very tight job, especially on the PV, because the upper bolts are almost inaccessible. Volvo used to offer several special wrenches for this purpose, but none of them have been available for a long time.

Because we have been annoyed by this ourselves for a long time and often, we have taken the initiative and now offer an easy-to-use tool for this purpose:

New, extra long 3/8" hexagon socket screw key for the 3/8" ratchet. It has a ball head at the front so that it can be angled easily. With this, screws can be properly loosened and unscrewed, which is hardly to not feasible with the standard sizes of this wrench size.


  • Replaces original tools that are no longer available
  • Easier assembly of the gearbox
  • Saving time


  • Volvo PV444, 445, PV544, P210
  • Volvo 121, 130, 220
  • Volvo P1800, P1800ES
  • Volvo 140
  • Volvo 164
  • Volvo 240

For transmission types:
M4, M30, M40, M41

Replaces Volvo original numbers:

The new wrench is available now in the shop under item no. 1080937.

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