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Headlight adjustment for Volvo 140 and 164


The headlight adjustment screw for Volvo 140 and 164 is available again.

It's usually the case with small things that they unexpectedly become a big problem. This is what happened to a colleague who just wanted to take his well-maintained Volvo 145 to the general inspection. Everything had been done or was new, so nothing could go wrong.

But then came the day of truth, and the inspector just wanted to correct the headlight settings because the new suspension springs had settled a bit. He cursed a little because the screw was stiff, then it cracked briefly and the headlight sat loose in its cup. The guide nut of the adjusting screw had given up the ghost due to age and had disintegrated into several parts.

What came next is anyone's guess: the sticker was refused because the headlight could not be adjusted, and on top of that it could now dance around loosely and send cheerful dazzling greetings to oncoming traffic.

Volvo stopped supplying the adjustment screws a long time ago, used parts were not available and we had just sold out the last stock, so the only thing that helped was a quick tinkering session with foreign parts, a small one-handed grinder, a saw and glue. At least the not really beautiful provisional arrangement passed the main inspection.

So that not every 140 or 164 rider has to share such experiences with us, we have commissioned a new reproduction of this adjusting screw, which has now arrived. The adjusting screw was produced according to the original sample, we have tested it and replaced the time-consuming temporary solution.

The adjusting screw is now available in our shop under the number 1026516.

Reference: 676111

Suitable for the following vehicles:

  • Volvo 140: all models
  • Volvo 164: all models

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