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Gift ideas for fans of Sweden


Whether Christmas, birthday, wedding or just for fun - there are many occasions to bring joy to your loved ones!

If you are still looking for a suitable gift idea, you will find it in our elk shop:

Elk cuddly toys

You can't help but love our moose soft toy with its cuddly soft fur and large antlers. The keychain version is a real eye-catcher and is perfect as a small gift. For all those who need something bigger to cuddle, we have a wide selection of different cuddly toys.
Category: Soft toys

Key ring and bottle opener

Our key rings are the small gift for every avowed Sweden fan. From our bottle opener moose made of high-quality aluminium to the key ring "Moose warning", in gold and metal, up to our car model series, they become a funny, unique and practical gimmick on every key ring.
Category: Key rings

Stainless steel cookie cutters

With our stainless steel biscuit cutters, baking biscuits is twice as much fun. Be it a station wagon or a limousine, an elk's head or a spanner, with our biscuit cutters the bland Christmas biscuits taste much better.
PS: We're not responsible for the dough or burnt biscuits ;-)
Category: Cookie cutters

Books and repair manuals

Giving books as a gift shows that you have thought about the interests of the person you are giving them. So you have made an effort and thought about why which book is the right one - anything but a lovelessly ordered gift!
Category: Books


Whether our popular Ferrari moose, the odometer or the Swedish steel sticker, each of our articles from the sticker assortment is a creative and funny eye-catcher and a statement for every SAAB or Volvo driver.
Category: Stickers


Why not give something as a gift for daily needs? With plenty of space for writing pad, laptop and other odds and ends. For shopping or the office, our elk bags become a practical companion and eye-catcher. Available in black/white and colourful, made of high-quality organic cotton.
Category: Bags

SAAB Jacket

Our comfortable fleece jacket with stand-up collar and continuous zip in a sporty look is the clear SAAB statement. With soft cuffs and numerous design details, such as the embroidered logo on the front and back, it is another SKANDIX brand product. In your leisure time, in the workshop or at every SAAB meeting, with this jacket you will carry your passion to the outside world.
Category: Fleece Jackets

Legendary Engine Shirt

With this T-shirt the name becomes a statement. The "Legendary Engine" shirt is for real engine fans.
As a round-necked T-shirt with 1/2 sleeve length and its imprint of the technical drawing of the legendary engine of the Volvo B18 / B20 it stands for your passion.
No fan of the "Legendary Engine"? - No problem, we also have numerous other motifs in our programme.
Category: T-Shirts

Cups and mugs

Whether it's your morning coffee, cocoa or tea, your favourite drink tastes better when served in your own cup. In our mugs section we offer the right drinking vessel for every taste.
Category: Cups


Here you will find the ideal gift for all cuddle fans. Whether you are a fan of Scandinavia or decoration, whether for the children's room, in the car for longer journeys or simply to keep warm - with our selection of cushions it will be cosy!
Category: Pillows

Swedish flag

Carry your passion to the outside world. With our Sweden flag, 90 cm x 150 cm, it is perfect for decorating your garden, workshop or party room.
Category: Flags


Whether at the workstation in the office or in the home office, with our high-quality mouse pads you can make a clear statement on your desk and ensure a real eye-catcher at the workplace.
Category: Mousepads

Table calendar

An eye-catcher for every day of the year. The desk calendar with 12 high-quality Volvo motifs is an eye-catcher on any desk or kitchen table or windowsill or, or, or.
Volvo desk calendar 2024

The annual companion for Saab lovers

12 outstanding photo motifs by and for Saab lovers. The perfect gift for yourself, family or friends - the Saab Calendar 2024 impresses with its high-quality premium print in 29.7 x 42 cm format.
Saab Calendar 2024


Our Volvo socks make one of the most hated Christmas gifts cool all at once! In three trendy colours, the stockings are a definite highlight for any Volvo fan.
PS: No, there are no matching pants for the socks yet ;-)
Rubrik: Socken

Digital workshop manual / Parts Catalogue

Volvo OTP USB flash drives and online products contain original technical documents officially licensed by Volvo. They are therefore an important aid for every mechanic and an essential tool for every owner of a classic Volvo.
Category: Digital workshop manual / Parts Catalogue

Table lamps

The LED table lamps in Classic Car design are the perfect gift for every Volvo lover! Whether as a Christmas decoration in the window or as atmospheric lighting in the workshop, these lamps are a real eye-catcher all year round.
Category: Table lamps


Ideal gifts for big and small Scandinavia fans or those who want to become one. Whether it's indoors in bad weather with Swedish Memory or an eye for an eye with Viking chess outdoors.
Category: Toy


Wristwatches are timeless gifts that always bring joy. Especially the watches in Volvo or Saab design are a great gift idea, which have been specially designed to incorporate elements from the vehicle interior.
What are you waiting for? The time is running!
Category: Watch

All about baby - welcome to the Volvo family

Even the littlest Volvo fans don't miss out. With our cute and cuddly moose cuddle cloth, the little ones not only have a cute companion for at home, but also for on the road. Combined with our eye-catching Volvo dummy, your baby will be an even cuter eye-catcher and a true Volvo fan.
Elk cuddle cloth.
Volvo Pacifier

Rain jackets and umbrellas

Autumn, wind, rain... what can't be missing? Clearly, our newly arrived rainwear.
Simple but functional through the wet season. With our umbrellas and rain jackets, autumn can come.
Category: Umbrellas


Our stylish caps not only protect you from the sun or rain but look great too. No more fussy hair styling before your morning walk or trip to the bakery. With our caps you are always well dressed.
Category: Cap

Gift voucher

Not found a suitable gift or not quite sure whether the recipient might like the attention? - Then simply pass on the agony of choice... With our SKANDIX gift vouchers worth between € 10.00 and € 100.00, you are giving a huge selection of high-quality items that will make the heart of every Volvo, SAAB or Sweden fan beat faster.
Category: Gift certificates