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Gasket rear wiper shaft for Volvo V70 II


The seal for the passage of the rear wiper shaft on the V70 (P26) is available again.

As with the previous models, the wiper shaft lead-through in the rear window on the P26 is often a problem with age, it becomes hard and then no longer seals properly. With increasing deterioration, the seal also crumbles from time to time and allows larger amounts of water to enter under unfavorable conditions.

In the advanced stage, this has extremely unattractive consequences: Water ingress with the usual consequences for the mechanical and electrical systems. The wiper drive and trunk lock suffer and become more sluggish due to corrosion. In worse cases, corroded contacts lead to scorched connectors and error messages from the on-board electronics. Mildew in the carpet and insulation material can then also no longer be ruled out as a consequence.

Unfortunately, the vehicle manufacturer has not been supplying this important small part since 2021, which is certainly not an age for a Volvo set up in 2007. Therefore, we have already reacted promptly and ordered a remanufacture, this has now arrived.

The seal for the implementation wipers is now available under the number 1019864 in our store.

Fits for:

  • Volvo V70 P26 (2001-2007)
  • Volvo XC70 (2001-2007)

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