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Fuel tank sensor for Volvo 200 Diesel


The fuel tank sensor for the Volvo 200 with diesel engine is available again.

It is not uncommon for vehicles that have been parked for a long time to have a rusty fuel sender. In the worst case, the supply and return pipes are rusted through and the injection pump can no longer suck in the diesel because it draws in air. With advanced corrosion on the pipes and in the tank, the fuel filter is of course also quickly clogged.

It goes without saying that the function of the fuel sender itself has long since ceased because the corrosion no longer allows a ground connection.

This problem usually occurs much later with a diesel that has been driven regularly than with a gasoline engine. Many D24s are still on the road today with the first tank sensor because diesel protects the inside of the tank much better than gasoline. Modern petrol fuels with an ethanol content even form water when they decompose, which significantly accelerates corrosion over longer periods.

Example photo: Fuel injector tank sensor

The tank sensors from 1979 onwards were installed in three different versions, there were different ones for injection and carburetor gasoline engines and the variant for diesel engines. The different designs cannot be interchanged due to the different supply and return pipes. The diesel tank sensor was discontinued by the vehicle manufacturer a few years ago without replacement.

Typically for diesel, a Volvo 240 also takes it badly if the tank is completely empty. It is then usually necessary to bleed the lines. An attempt to start the engine using the starter puts excessive strain on the starter motor, and it is not uncommon for the battery to run out before the engine starts. A functioning fuel level indicator is therefore not a luxury, but an absolute necessity.

In 1979, the Volvo 240 was the first European car with a six-cylinder diesel engine, long before BMW and Mercedes. Due to its historical significance alone, we could not resist having the fuel gauge reproduced.

Some of them are immortal: "ALU 599", a 245 from the first diesel model year 1979, was used by Mäkkinen in Finland for twelve years to transport newspapers, clocking up around 2 million kilometers. The car probably still exists today and has run 2.65 million kilometers as of 2016.

And because it would be a shame if you could no longer read the fuel level, we now have new fuel gauges in our store under the number 1027611.

Suitable for the following vehicles:

  • Volvo 240, 260, 262: all models, all diesel engines


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