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Filling hose, tank for Volvo 140 estate car


The fuel filler hose for Volvo 145 is available again!

The hose between the tank filler neck and the tank is well protected inside the body of the Volvo 145. Thus it is not exposed to the environmental influences "outside" by being hit by dirt from the rear wheel or similar. This is one reason why it lasts longer than many other vehicles.

Nevertheless, there comes a time when it has to be replaced. It's just a piece of cloth that loses its plasticiser and becomes brittle and cracked. If a body repair or a replacement of the tank should then be necessary, it is usually impossible to remove it in one piece after decades.

The vehicle manufacturer has not offered it for a long time, and the market for NOS or used parts has long since dried up. Because it is a moulded hose with two kinks, this has led to a number of provisional solutions, some of them dangerous. Escaping petrol or vapours in the interior of a vehicle are more than dangerous.

Reason enough for us to have this hose remanufactured.

It is a high-quality version made of two materials with fabric layers in between, the inner part is also resistant to modern fuels. So that you can continue to drive your 145 safely and without odour nuisance or environmental pollution!

The hose between filler neck and tank is now available in our shop under the item number 1075589.

Suitable for the following vehicles:

  • Volvo 140 estate until 1972, until chassis number 119842
  • .

Reference No.: 677924

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