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Easyly adjusting the Parking brake - Volvo


On many vehicle models, the handbrake can normally only be adjusted via the handbrake cables.

The adjustment is no longer sufficient if:

  • I've been bending ropes over the years.
  • the handbrake shoes are already half worn
  • discs or drums have already run many kilometres

This wear adds up, so that the correct adjustment of the handbrake, exclusively via the ropes, is then difficult to achieve.

So far the remedy was usually the premature replacement of the handbrake shoes and the brake discs at the rear, which are also the brake drum for the handbrake on the inside.

For the vehicle models Volvo S60 (-09), S80 (-06), V70 (P26), V70XC (XC70), XC90 there is now a practical adjuster inside the brake drum for retrofitting.

In the illustration you can see that the adjuster is inserted between the handbrake shoes instead of the H-shaped spacer plate, and is adjusted by turning it.

This is a basic adjustment which can be made after the adjuster has been installed with the brake disc / handbrake drum still removed. Then only the fine adjustment has to be carried out on the cable.

The bottom line is that this gives you more room for manoeuvre so that you do not have to replace the brake parts prematurely.

Similar options are also available for the rear-wheel drive Volvo Youngtimers 200, 700, 900, S90, V90 under SKANDIX part number 1014836.

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