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Door opener inside P1800E / ES


New inside door openers for the P1800E/ES are available again! Also the handle and the distance washer for the door opener.

For a long time they were only available as used parts, but now they are available again in our shop as faithful reproductions.

In a beautifully preserved or freshly restored vehicle, it is often the little things that are missing from a perfect finish. A worn or missing grip surface on the door opener is certainly one of them. The same goes for flaking chrome on the opener or scratches in the door trim because the spacer washer is missing. The spacer disc prevents the opener from rubbing against the door trim and is therefore an important "protector" for the door trim.

All these small flaws, which are often only noticeable at second glance, can now be easily remedied with the original perfectly corresponding new parts.

Door opener inside 1080396 Inside door opener for Volvo P1800E / ES

Door handle inside 1022551 Door handle inside

Spacer washer, door panel for door opener 1053857 Spacer washer, door trim for door opener


Suitable for the following vehicles:

  • Volvo P1800E
  • Volvo P1800ES

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