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DIY Mini Camper Conversion Volvo V70


In the following we show the conversion of a Volvo V70 II into a mini camper.

One thing in advance: The finished "camper" is cramped, not particularly luxurious and quite honestly I wouldn't want to spend 3 weeks on holiday in it. On the other hand, it was a lot of fun to build the camper, absolutely fine for a few nights and a real adventure. What's more, the camper only cost 37.36 euros!!! Not including the materials which were already available like the Volvo V70 II, the mattress (size 140x200cm) from our guest room, tools and metal angles which were left over from the demolition of our old garden house.

ATTENTION: This is a project of a hobby craftsman in cooperation with his little son where the fun and the available materials were in the foreground. The execution can certainly be optimised in some places.

Background: We needed a minicamper that could also be used as a normal family car in everyday life! We are a family of three with a three-year-old son, who has his child seat on the back seat... so only the boot was allowed to be converted. There should also be storage space for the next camping trip, of course.

Volvo V70 Mini Camper
Since the camper was to be built using almost only existing materials, the only option for us was to use a mattress from our guest room.
Requirement: sleeping surface 140x200cm.
Question: Does that fit at all?
Answer: Yes, just about! (First "try-on" of the mattress with two six-packs of drinks as a substructure).
Volvo V70 Mini Camper
The first impression is not bad at all.

Volvo V70 Mini Camper
The plan of the final result. The grey rectangles show Euro boxes as storage space.
PS: The drawing was made afterwards when it was sure that everything fits ;-)
Volvo V70 Mini Camper
Short shopping list for the platform:
- 2 boards a 116 x 90 x 2,2cm
- 3 plates a 80 x 25 x 2,2cm
- 1 board a 110 x 25 x 2,2cm
- 2 squared timbers a 6 x 6 x 25cm (already available)
- 13 metal angles (already available)
- Chipboard screws (already available)

Volvo V70 Mini Camper
So off to the DIY store and bought suitably cut wood.
Volvo V70 Mini Camper
Three 80 x 25cm crossbars for the platform in the direction of travel and one 110 x 25cm crossbar (not on the photo). The height of the platform has resulted from the height of the folded bench seat.

Volvo V70 Mini Camper
Space for three boxes, each 40 x 60 x 22cm
Volvo V70 Mini Camper
After the bars of the platform were aligned, they were fixed with angles.

Volvo V70 Mini Camper
So that the tailgate can close well, the corners were still sawed off.
Volvo V70 Mini Camper
Sawed-off corner so that the tailgate closes properly.

Volvo V70 Mini Camper
Attention, when the backrest is folded up, there is a little less space for the upper plate, this must also be adjusted on the tailgate. The 6x6cm wide squared timber serves as the first support surface.
Volvo V70 Mini Camper
Platform pushed together

Volvo V70 Mini Camper
Now remove the child seat and place it on the passenger seat, then fold down the rear seat. Push the driver and passenger seats forward as far as possible (in preparation for the mattress). Simply slide the top panel backwards so that the panel rests on the folded down back seat and the squared timbers.
Volvo V70 Mini Camper
The folded-down rear seat bench serves as a second support surface.

Volvo V70 Mini Camper
Extended platform.
Volvo V70 Mini Camper
To prevent the panels from slipping, hooks with eyelets were mounted on both sides.

Volvo V70 Mini Camper
After the woodwork, first vacuum out (have) the car.
Volvo V70 Mini Camper
Since the windows of the V70 are not tinted, a privacy screen was needed. We made suitable window cuts out of two iso-mattresses. These can be easily removed during the journey.
Attention: This was by far the most modest work! Alternatively, curtains or variants with Velcro can be made.

Perhaps we have inspired you to experiment on your own.
Enjoy your next overnight stay in your Volvo!

Below you will find some sample pictures from the last VolvoMeet in Heimertshausen.

Have you already realised your own Mini Camper project with your Volvo? Then feel free to send us photos of your mobile sleeping solution for a future report.