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Crimping tools bush wishbone Volvo 700 and 900


The press tools for the wishbone bushings Volvo 700 and 900 are available again.

To replace the wishbone bushing on the inside of the front axle, three tools are required: the plate 1083070 to place the wishbone bushing vertically on the press, the smaller mandrel 1080462 to press it out, and the larger 1080463 to press the bushing in.
The latter may well be substituted for a suitable socket or press-fit.

Without the pressing tools, improvisation talent is required, which has not infrequently led to destroyed new bushings. The removal of the old bushings is certainly also feasible in another way, but due to the service life and age of the parts, this is not infrequently quite a torture. In any case, without the plate to support it, pressing the bushings in reasonably cleanly and without damage is very difficult or impossible because of the shape of the control arm.

These three tools were dropped by the vehicle manufacturer last year without replacement. Since the wishbones are quite robust in their design and a bushing replacement is the more economical alternative to a wishbone replacement, we very quickly decided to have the two important tools remanufactured.

We immediately tested the press tools on our own 940 and found them to be very good. They are available now under the numbers 1083070, 1080462 from our store.

Fits for the following vehicles:

  • Volvo 740, 760, 780: all models
  • Volvo 940: all models
  • Volvo 960: model until 1994

Reference numbers:
9995240, 9995091, 9992904

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