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Conversion kit overdrive actuation for Volvo P1800


A new conversion kit to a snapping-in overdrive steering column switch for all Volvo P1800 up to 1969 is available with item number SKANDIX 1071848.

At the Volvo P1800 Jensen and P1800S up to 1964 the overdrive is engaged by a snap-in toggle switch on the dashboard. This is not very comfortable and distracts the driver. From 1965 to 1969 a push button stalk is installed at the steering column which can be actuated by mistake during driving.

In our opinion, a snapping-in control steering column stalk is the better alternative to the two original operating concepts:

  • Comfortable operation directly at the steering wheel
  • Clear feedback
  • Can't be operated so easy by mistake with the knee
  • Depending on the vehicle model, a relay circuit is not required, and thus a source of error is eliminated

The kit supplies a new switch with a new union nut for mounting and wiring materials.

Please find more detailed information and manual on our website with item number 1071848.

References: 664478, 665058

Fits for:

  • all Volvo P1800 Jensen
  • all Volvo P1800S (up to 1969)

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