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Clear glass headlights H4 for Volvo PV, Amazon, 140, P1800


New styling for old Volvos.

Give your classic a new face:
with clear glass headlights for Volvo PV, Amazon, 140 and P1800.

For all those who don't always want their car to be original and want it to be as individual as its driver, we have various alternatives to the original headlights in our range:

For classic cars driven in everyday life, this can be a sensible alternative; modern headlights are clearly superior to the old originals in terms of light output and offer better visibility. Even conventional H4 headlights are far better than the original Bilux from the sixties. Visibility means safety, and that is more important than ever today with the high traffic density and oncoming traffic with much better light.

Last but not least, clear-glass headlights are not a modern invention: they already existed with carbide lamps in the Stone Age of the automobile and were often still standard until the 1930s.

Vehicles Design Article no.
Volvo 120, 130, 220
Volvo 140
Volvo P1800, P1800ES
Clear glass headlamps H4
without parking light

Volvo PV444, 544, P445, P210 Clear-glass headlamp H4
with parking light

Volvo PV444, 544, P445, P210 (parking lights connected)
Volvo 120, 130, 220
Volvo 140
Volvo P1800, P1800ES
LED headlight set

All items have an e-Mark certification
Reference number: 1212963


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