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Classic auxiliary headlamps


Finally, suitable auxiliary headlights for classic Volvos and Saabs!

If you want to have more light or a classic rally look with your classic car, you are usually faced with some problems in the accessories trade.
There are simply no headlamps that want to match the classic look of a Volvo PV, Amazon, P1800 or Saab 96. Black housings, clear lenses or, at worst, even lenses, LED bulbs and plastic grilles are what the trade has in store for the customer today.

None of this wants to fit on a beautiful classic car and disturbs the appearance in the long term. This was reason enough for us to look for headlights that perfectly match a car from the 50s or 60s.

We have found what we were looking for and have added several models with a perfect look in a high-quality, chrome-plated finish to our shop, all with E-approval marks, of course. With housing shapes and lenses that perfectly match the era in which the cars were built. These include fog lights with yellow lenses, which, contrary to what is often claimed, are also permitted in Germany. Yellow light has the advantage of reflecting less brightly in snow or fog and thus provides a more pleasant view than white or bluish light.

The headlamps are supplied with fixing material and a variable bracket, so drilling is not usually necessary. The H1 bulbs are also available in 6V, e.g. for Volvo up to 1961.

So that your classic car can be safe on the road at night and look even better during the day!


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Fog lights

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