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Bypass solenoid switch automatic transmission overdrive Volvo 200, 700 and 900


A bypass for the no longer available overdrive solenoid on the AW70/71 transmission is available.

The solenoid for the Aisin-Warner automatic transmission in the Volvo 200, 700 and 900 series has not been available for some time. The transmission manufacturer has no interest in reissuing it, even though there are still thousands of these vehicles in existence.

This solenoid valve or solenoid released the oil pressure channel for engaging the overdrive; it could be locked with a button so that the gearboxes could no longer shift into long 4th gear.

Now the solenoid valve was not the only thing that caused annoyance here, the operating relay also caused occasional trouble with age. Naturally, with a minimum age of 25 years, the wiring harness for the gearbox can sometimes no longer do things that it should.

In fact, hardly any of the drivers have ever really used it, at most to protect the gearbox when towing a trailer.

So why not simply let the transmission shift automatically without intervention and thus eliminate several sources of error at the same time?

This is exactly what this bypass does, which is screwed onto the transmission instead of the solenoid valve.

In our opinion, this is a sensible and inexpensive repair solution for a defective solenoid or relay.

The bypass is now available in our store under the number 1090726 so that your automatic transmission can also find 4th gear again.

Fits the following vehicles with AW70/71 transmission:

  • Volvo 240 all models
  • Volvo 740, 760, 780 all models
  • Volvo 940 all models
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