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Bump stop fuel filler flap Volvo Duett


The solution for non-opening fuel filler flaps on the P210!

On a drive with our Duett it was there again, the little problem with the fuel filler flap. You press the button in the B-pillar and it doesn't open, you have to help it with a sharp fingernail.

There is no reference to a spring or a bumper in the original parts catalogue. However, there is a stop plate on the flap and a hole in the flap frame opposite.
So there must be something there that generates some pre-pressure.

A solution was needed. So I grabbed the caliper gauge, measured the car and searched in our shop for something suitable.
After looking at around ten possible items from our range, we identified four that could roughly fit. We then wanted to try these four parts on the car. In fact, the first one fitted perfectly and does its job perfectly.

The flap opens by itself at the push of a button and can still be closed easily. That's how it should be.

It is a bumper that actually belongs on the glove compartment of a V70. You can find it under article no. 1059283 in our shop.

We now have an inexpensive solution for the missing spare part, which was never officially intended, and which certainly almost corresponds to the original!

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